City of Cleveland “Lead Safe Certification”

What Needs To Be Done

As of March 2021, the City of Cleveland is requiring all residential property owners of houses and apartments built prior to 1978 to obtain a LEAD-SAFE CERTIFICATE. This certificate is proof that the representative unit has been visually inspected and has undergone dust wipe sampling based upon a procedure known as a FINAL CLEARANCE ASSESSMENT. The end result is to prove and document that the residence does not contain lead hazards. The property does not have to be “lead-free”. The FINAL CLEARANCE ASSESSMENT procedure has two steps that must be accomplished:

  1. Visual inspection to document that all painted surfaces (inside and outside) located throughout the building are in good condition (intact) and not deteriorated (chipping, cracking or peeling).
  2. Dust wipe sampling and laboratory analysis to document that the floors, window sills and window wells do not contain lead dust that is at a level that is a hazard as defined by the State of Ohio. (Floors: <10 ug/ft2, Windowsills: <100 ug/ft2, Window wells: <100 ug/ft2)

What You Need To Do:

To accomplish the two requirements described above, the process involves the following steps:

  1. Visual evaluation of the condition of the property, with particular attention to all painted surfaces. Painted surfaces must not be chipping, cracking or peeling.
  2. Repair, repaint, or replace any deteriorated building components.
  3. Perform environmental cleaning of floors, windowsills and window wells. Environmental cleaning refers to using specific methods and equipment to remove lead dust.
  4. Have CTG perform a visual inspection, dust wipe sampling, lab analysis and comparison to the lead dust hazard levels established by the State of Ohio’s Department of Health.
  5. If wipe sample results are below the standards, submit CTG’ s final report, and required completed forms to obtain a LEAD-SAFE CERTIFICATE from the City of Cleveland.
  6. If results are above the “hazard levels”, perform additional cleaning and resampling of floors, windowsills or window wells, as needed, until results are acceptable.

CTG Environmental’s Contact

4407 Brookpark Road Cleveland, Ohio 44134
David Meyer

Single Family Residence $400
Duplex ($325/each) $650 total
4-10 Unit Buildings $300 / unit
Buildings with > 10 units $250 / unit
(* Additional fee for retest of a failed clearance assessment)